To better understand the book of Nahum, read “WAR NEWS FORCAST” tract #14. The following codes will help you to understand and unlock the mysteries contained there in:-

(1) Assyria--The English speaking Christian world (protestant nations).

(2) Nineveh (King of Assyria/King of the North)--Its capital city- the United States of America.

(3) Nahum 1:10-- For while they be folden together as thorns (the nations united in a conspiracy), and while they are drunken as drunkards (The New World Order Church/ State Confederacy of Isaiah 8:12), they shall be devoured as stubble fully dry.

(4) The second “one who dashes in pieces”--The first was Adolph Hitler who lost World War 2. See what the prophet Nahum said about the one who dashes in pieces and who would win the war. This war is not yet finished. It went into the cold war and will be resumed again. Most people call this upcoming gigantic war World War 3.

(5) Judah--God’s holy Seventh Day Adventist church from the Southern tribe of Israel, the tribe through which Yahushua (Jesus) came, thus making us the Israel of today: the ones to be gathered in the 144,000 saints to stand on MT Zion with the lamb. (They bring Jerusalem: another group from the SDA church with them into the Kingdom, Isaiah 52:1-3. Both groups are saved alive).

It is therefore necessary for both young and old to study this tract as we get ready for the ingathering. If the gospel is going to be sweet to you, you have got to partake of it. The time to unlock the codes is now, so get into groups and study tract #14.

Ancient words giving new light of Present Truth:

Keys of the Kingdom. STUDY IT!

PS: Literature sources from Original Shepherd's Rod Davidian:--
(1) Tract 14 - War News Forecast (2) 1950 General Conference Special (3) The White House Recruiter (4) The Entering Wedge

Image References

    1. Cover Art by V. Houteff - War News Forecast Track, colored by W. Diaz
    2. Illustration by V.Diaz - Angel with V. Houteff
Jonah and Nahum