Prayer for protection from the Strong Delusion

In the name of Jesus Christ Yahushua the second person of the blessed Trinity and through His blood shed on Calvary, I bind and blind the enemy satan, and his cohorts and allies from understanding what I am saying, and I loose whatever needs to be loosed to accomplish this. I place an impregnable shield of protective angels around myself, my possessions, my family, my legalities and all aspects of my life and family, and around every one here and around those listening to the message that are in the body of Christ. And further, I send back on the enemies of God all attacks intended for me or these listeners or these ministries ten fold. I bind any human agent or individuals sent here or listening to this tape who has been assigned to disrupt/ disturb this message, and I pray that this information will allow the scales to drop from eyes that haven't seen, or ears that haven't heard, so that the body of Christ will use this information to prepare/ make ready the imminent return of our Messiah Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, AMEN.

Image Reference

    1. Yeshua - Lion of Judah, Lamb of God
Jonah and Nahum