Arise, go to Nineveh, that great city, and cry against it; for their wickedness is come up before me. Jonah 1: 2

"Recently while on a ministry trip I heard the Lord say there has never been repentance made for the sin of Jonah! Immediately I checked the last chapter of Jonah and understood what God was saying. Jonah was exceedingly displeased and very angry because he knew that God was gracious and merciful and slow to anger. When the Ninevites repented God revoked the sentence of evil against them and did not destroy them or their land.

Jonah's Sin against God

God gave Jonah time to repent for his anger against Him however he chose to sulk and wished in himself to die." Jonah 4:9 "And God said to Jonah, Do you do well to be angry for the loss of the gourd? And he said I do well to be angry, angry enough to die!" As a body of believers we stood in agreement that we needed to make repentance for the sin of Jonah's anger against God. His pride prevented him from rejoicing at the victory of the message he delivered to Nineveh. He was probably the greatest evangelist that has ever lived. Over 120,000 people repented turning that great city to righteousness. A prophet's responsibility is obedience to God in delivering the word or message but he is not allowed to judge it.

Jonah should have had a heart of thanksgiving knowing that God's heart of love redeemed Nineveh for a greater purpose. A few days after we made repentance, the Lord awoke me in a profound way as I heard Him say; Jonah, can you hear Me? Then He gave me this awesome and heartfelt message about the Prophet Jonah. A message I believe all of us need to take to heart.

Jonah My Prophet

Jonah's tale is true. I abide yet this day in the hearts of My people because of Jonah's word.

He was a strong man with a dreadful fear of Me however he was overwhelmed by My word and mandate. Fear of man overtook him and he fled to Tarshish. I did not punish him says God; I loved him very much and therefore spared his life so he would complete his mandate in Me.

He did; he walked a crooked mile in fear and trembling. Awestruck were the people of Nineveh at the sight of Jonah's perplexity. They readily repented and were full of My fear. However Jonah was disappointed in himself and My love for My people.

Yes, repentance carries great rewards and so I did not destroy Nineveh that day. She was very close to My heart for many years to follow.

However Jonah was still disappointed. I sent him away for a time and a season. His disappointment with Me was greater than his love for Me and My people. He became useless for My kingdom and lived in self-pity the remainder of his years. Did he obey Me? Yes, he did. Did he rebel? Yes, he did. Did he honor Me? Yes, he did until he became prideful and would not repent for his sin against Me?

I cannot tolerate a haughty spirit says God; full of pride and self justification. I am merciful and triumph over sin repeatedly.

Now I say to you this day; pick up Jonah's mantle and go to Nineveh. This time repentance on your part will be demanded first. My people will know My heart of love for them as you cry out mercy for them through repentance. My mercy triumphs over judgment.

Where there has been little or no hope faith will abound. Faith brings hope and hope deliverance and deliverance brings new freedom in the spirit and the natural.

Faith brings hope (confident expectation)
Hope brings deliverance (repentance of sin)
Deliverance brings new freedom (Holy Spirit liberty)

Jonah's Mantle

We are living in a time like that of Jonah's prophecy. The world is corrupted by sin and we are called to go into the world and bring it to repentance. We are all called to pick up Jonah's mantle and go to the nations of this earth. In all things we say and do we are supposed to shed God's light and love.

Jonah's name means dove and dove means love. Our message to the world is repentance from sin through our expression of love. It's time for the Jonah's to arise and go into the world with a message of God's heart of love toward them. Love is the basis of all Christianity for God is Love.

Repentance is the Key!

We are called to be obedient to God. When He speaks we listen and then obey His voice. Unlike Jonah, we cannot turn and go the other way. We must speak His word in Spirit and Truth through the love of Jesus.

Repentance is the key that turns the heart of God. The Prophet Amos cried out to God twice not to destroy Jacob. Amos knew that God was merciful and His mercy triumphs over judgment. He stood in the gap for Israel when she could not stand for herself. God's heart was eased and comforted."

Amos 7:6 The Lord relented and revoked this sentence: This also shall not be, said the Lord [and He was eased and comforted concerning it].

*** This piece is taken from Bob Jones ministry,, and is relevant for all to read since it relates to the mandate first given to Jonah, and also to all those today who are willing to take up his mantle to go and warn Nineveh (the United States of America). May none of us involved in this work ever be guilty of the sin of the prophet Jonah.***

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